Final Wish

Carrey wanted to post this earlier in the week, but as her health declined she did not get to it… ALS has obviously altered my life plans. Obviously. But it has also altered the life plans of my children. Besides the obvious and horrible fact that they will finish growing up, becoming adults and ultimately … More Final Wish

Massage Monday

For the past two years, my sweet friend Gina has put her faith into action providing weekly in-home massages. Sometimes twice a week, depending on what destruction I’ve done to my body. I am a little hesitant to call them a “massage” because that implies dim lighting, no talking, aromatherapy and the sound of ocean … More Massage Monday

Fancy Footwork

My new foot control has given me my mobility back! Showing off my fancy footwork. View video on Facebook:


Look Mom! No Hands! My thumb continues to struggle controlling my wheel chair. In fact, my thumb, more often than not, has been struggling to move at all. Trying to push the control feels like trying to push fifty pounds of weight with my weak and scrawny thumb…just not happening! I knew this would be … More Badass