First tooth



This morning Colleen was attempting to have a debate with me. I was in bed with my breathing mask on, as she was insisting on being homeschooled for the day. This is her way of saying she wants to stay home. It’s hard to have a discussion with anyone when air is being forced down my throat in two second intervals with my mask muffling my weak voice. She always tries though. The best I could do was attempt “We’ll… talk…about it…. tonight.” With that, she turned and looked at me and sassed, “You’re homeschooling me tomorrow! End of discussion! Period!” and walked out the door.

I laid in bed paralyzed and completely inaudible to reprimand her for her ridiculous disrespect. Where in the world would she have heard that? Oh Lordy, We must find a cure for ALS quick because this girl needs me!

On a separate note, Colleen lost her first tooth at school today! Good thing she went, because if she was homeschooled her teachermama wouldn’t have been able to pull it for her! It’s a simple milestone, but when ALS was mentioned several months before I was actually diagnosed, I cried to Eric about the possibility of missing her losing her first tooth. The tooth fairy throws a special party in the Dewey household and of course I am her assistant. It’s crazy to think that was actually one of my first fears; it’s really hard to grasp reality when you’re diagnosed with ALS, but that’s where my confused mind took me— missing out on Colleen losing her first tooth . So tonight we celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime losing her first tooth and Making every memory count, sassy or not.


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