Colleen’s First Communion

Colleen received the Sacrament of First Communion one year ahead of schedule. Typically, you prepare for the Sacrament as a second grader in the Catholic Church. My church made a special exception and allowed Colleen to prepare during her first grade year. It isn’t because I don’t think I will live that long, it’s because I wanted to help her prepare spiritually by attending all of her preparation classes with her, by her side, and not just be here to bear witness.

Last summer, my good friend and First Communion teacher first mentioned the idea of Colleen preparing a year early. I thought the idea was ludicrous and honestly, I was half offended my friend didn’t think I would live that long. But the more I thought , the more I understood her intentions of me being an active participant with her class. I knew I could give Colleen more this year rather than next year. And without question, our church granted a special exception for her.

Colleen and I definitely made the most out of our preparation together. It gave me an opportunity to answer lots of questions and revisit my own understanding of this holy sacrament. Now, she’s holding me to the promise of getting ears pierced for her first communion that I promised them years ago.


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