What ALS did to my hands

People asked what I did to my hands because I’ve been sporting a new set of fancy blue boxing gloves, they’re not really boxing gloves they just look like it. *I* didn’t do anything to my hands, ALS did. The muscles between my thumb and index finger are so atrophied they separate into almost a “splits” position which is painful. My hand muscles also spasm causing my hands to clench into a tight fist position. When the spasm is over I don’t have strength in my hand to open my fingers back up and they’re stuck in a closed fist which is not painful, but uncomfortable. A frequently ask my caregiver to open my hands. These new fancy splints help keep my hands straight and provides a little relief. So if you see me sporting them, you’ll know what *ALS* did to my hands.13346679_620203364812288_2083926090004290133_n

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