Pool time

I shared a picture of my family in the pool in recognition of Father’s Day. I appeared to be free of ALS, but there was a lot of ALS going on behind the scenes. From my chair to the pool was another big transfer. The pool had an accessible pool lift but I was a dumb ass and I didn’t want to use it. I insisted on having my family walk me into the pool. It was a pretty dangerous spectacle, we did it once and I was a dumb ass for trying. From that point forward, we used the pool lift and I was thankful it was there.

I’m on my breathing machine most of the time now, so I was usually attached but took small breaks where I didn’t feel leashed.

I defiantly lose some of my ALS when I’m in the water. We put a noodle under my arms and under wrists. I have enough leg strength where I can walk in the pool and feel weightless.

I’ve seen these awkward pool lift chairs covered at the hotels we stay at, but I’ve never seen one in action. It’s pretty easy to use and defiantly a must to get me into and out of the pool from this point forward. So here are a couple of behind the scene pictures of what I really look like in the pool.


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