Graeter’s Milkshakes

My doctor ordered supplemental nutrition via my feeding tube to help maintain my weight. It’s not because my swallow is jeopardized, I can still swallow safely with caution so I’m still able to eat. His concern is that I’ve lost over ten percent of my body weight in the last twelve weeks, which is a big no-no when it comes to ALS. SERIOUSLY, I’ve tried my entire adult life to achieve and maintain a healthy weight with little success and then I’m diagnosed with ALS, a disease that is going to kill me, and I lose weight they don’t want me to.

Anyways, I had my first liquid meal/supplemental nutrients/feeding tube formula — whatever it is they call it. The supplies and setup were delivered last week and the nurse administered my first one.

I can’t say I’m really on board with starting this yet. One thing I know how to do exceptionally well is gain weight. I’m going to try my supplemental nutrition of Graeter’s milkshakes as long as my swallow is still safe before I’m all in with doctor’s orders. I’ll keep you posted.14054249_651581371674487_1492121540952510555_n


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