Carrey’s Story

Team Dewey is much more than a family of 5.  It is an entire community supporting this family. Carrey is a loving mother of 3 young children, a devoted wife, a dedicated daughter, a wonderful sister, a giving friend, a devout Catholic, a patient teacher and so much more.  If you read her story and are touched, please leave a message for her here or on Facebook.  Your words and the love for her family and friends keep her going.

Excerpt from Carrey’s Sept 12th post to her public Facebook page

“I don’t have to explain any more how cruel and inhumane this disease is. How, without a treatment or cure in my lifetime, it will steal my body, speech, swallow, and breathing slowly, leaving a fully functioning and intelligent brain. People get it now, they’ve googled it in the past month. People are aware of my path, unless of course, they live under a rock. Two months ago…ALS was buried under a rock, but this week it was on the Ellen DeGeneres show, front page of the local paper, viral videos, and prime time specials. My name is Carrey Dewey and I have ALS.”

We are a group of friends and family working to support this wonderful family. Carrey is a loving friend, wife, mother, sister and daughter. In June 2014, at the young age of 42, she was diagnosed with ALS. Once you put a face and name to this devastating illness, you understand the physical, emotional and financial pain the patients and families undergo. Carrey has bravely blogged her diagnosis on her Facebook page and will soon continue her blog here.



One thought on “Carrey’s Story

  1. Hi Carrey.

    Just wanted to say hi from down under. I’m an Aussie pastor diagnosed with ALS/MND JANUARY 2013.

    Thank you for your openness, courage , vulnerability and faith.

    So sorry you have this beast of a disease.

    My love and prayers to you and your family.


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