Electrical Scare

We lost power a few weeks ago, a transformer across the street failed. My programmed reaction has always been to flick the light switch, check the dinner in the oven, or open the refrigerator and garage door — but that was before ALS. This time, the lights and fridge were not on my mind. I … More Electrical Scare

Tough Mom Week

It’s been a tough mom week here in the Dewey house. I printed out Ian’s summer reading list but neglected to see there were assignments to go with each book…due on the first day of school! On his second day, I didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing a belt and my rule following son was nervous … More Tough Mom Week

Pool time

I shared a picture of my family in the pool in recognition of Father’s Day. I appeared to be free of ALS, but there was a lot of ALS going on behind the scenes. From my chair to the pool was another big transfer. The pool had an accessible pool lift but I was a … More Pool time

Beach billboard

Last year we rented a manual beach wheelchair with big balloon tires for our Sanibel trip. This year that option would not work so well for my weak body because it had no head or neck support. My power chair supports my whole body but will not move on sand. Our plan was to bring … More Beach billboard